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Nahar Singh's (Amrish Puri) fore-fathers and he have sworn to protect the family and heirs of powerful underworld don, Jodhabhai and his heirs for generations. Nahar would like his son, Ishaan (Ajay Devgan) to continue this tradition, to which he is willing as he friendly with Jodhabhai's son, Sunny (Rahul Bose). Ishaan's vow begins to falter when he falls in love with Suman Dev (Tabu). Things gets even more complicated when Suman comes forward to testify that she witnessed Sunny's car being driven from the scene of a multiple homicide. Sunny finds this out and asks Ishaan to chose between him and Suman, and Ishaan choses Suman. Things escalate out of control when Nahar is killed; and Ishaan becomes a prime suspect in the multiple-family homicide.
Yes, it's refreshing to see a bollywood film that isn't solely a romance - there are too few original ideas these days. This film is about the Bombay mafia, and in particular the son of a Bombay don who gets crazed with power and loses control and respect for human life. There is the obligatory romantic angle between Ajay Devgan and Tabu, but this is thankfully kept to a minimum. The trouble is the film just doesn't carry. A weak storyline and poor acting from the main villain contribute the the film's failure to get the audience involved in the plot. Although Ajay and Tabu are brilliant at acting, their talents are wasted in this film. The music for the film - by A. R. Rehman -is really good, but the songs are intrusive and do not fit in with the feel of the movie. Overall, it is not surprising this film has flopped.
hey guys, i say, 2 thumbs up for Govind Nilhani, this is one of the finest films i have ever seen about the underworld, and the intricate relations of dons and political leaders. this movie shows the actual way a gun is used by underworld don&#39;s. it does try to preach something to these people from ajay devgan&#39;s role too. rahul bose is at his best, an awesome performance by him. also ajay devgan, gives is acting career a boost using his eyes to convey his feelings.<br/><br/>the story line is simple and the usual one used and reused by all directors and producers, but what makes it different is its handling. it keeps on the edge of ur seat, till the end. it makes u think and analyze what u r seeing. every thing looks perfect, logical and to the point. this has made the pace of the film little slow, but that doesn&#39;t deny credit to all those who strived to make this movie the way we see it.<br/><br/>i would recommend u to watch this movie……i believe that bollywood too can give movies of great quality and substance to talk about.<br/><br/>rahul

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